Tsunami Syndicate
Our business is your pleasure
Led by "Madame" Veronique Duschamps
Notable People Reginald Axom (advisor)
HQ: Pepper Park, Sector One

If ever there was a criminal organisation which could be accused of hiding in plain sight, then the Tsunami Syndicate would fit the bill perfectly. Formed by former prostitute Veronique Duschamps, the organisation was her way of extricating herself from under the heel of the small-time pimps of Pepper Park and asserting herself as a dominant figure - in more ways than one - of Neocron's nightlife.

Specialising in the illegal or undesirable vices that the Black Dragon don't, the Tsunami are the necessary evil with whom to interact for those who are looking for gambling or intimate company. As well as prostitution, the Syndicate also deals in blackmail, often using video or images taken from their own clubs to ensure that certain underhanded deals never see the light of day.

With the space in Pepper Park being as limited as it is, the fact that the Syndicate and Black Dragon are at each other's throats to begin with is something of an inevitability. Although the two factions do respect one another to a degree, the rivalry can - and frequently does - boil over into turf wars and revenge killings; crimes which the City Administration is sometimes forced to clean up.

The group of people in charge of the Syndicate itself is a tightly-knit inner circle; a group of friends and trusted allies who dedicate themselves to protecting, serving and advising Madame Duschamps. In addition to the half-dozen bodyguards Veronique is never seen without, she has access to a constant fount of sage counsel in the form of Reginald Axom, a former member of the Brotherhood of Crahn.