The Outzone, Neocron's slum district

As its name suggests, the Outzone is the colossal space reserved for everything - and everyone - that has been deemed to have no place in the main body of the city.

When Neocron required the use of a prison to house their criminal elements, it was built here. Now, however, it has been repurposed into a rudimentary bar and nightclub frequented by the criminals and poverty-stricken anarchists that roam the Outzone... and not much else.

District Layout

Unlike the more developed districts of Neocron, the designation between sectors is far less regimental and clear-cut. However, in terms of space, the Outzone is nearly three times as large as the Plaza district, spread as it is across the equivalent of eleven city sectors. There aren't very many people in Neocron who can say that they have seen every nook, cranny and sequestered alcove of the Outzone and those that could - due to the people who call it home - likely haven't lived to tell the tale.

Faction Headquarters

Because of its intended function not being conducive to business, none of the corporations who have allied themselves with the City Administration have any sort of holding in the Outzone and, if they do, they're by no means permanent or officially sanctioned. The only factions which do have a permanent base of operations in the Outzone are the Anarchy Breed - a strictly small-time group of anarchists/domestic terrorists - and the Brotherhood of Crahn, a religious order of which the vast majority of the Psi Monks alive today are a part.

NCPD Presence

Put simply, there isn't any. Given the lack of attention paid to the Outzone as a whole, and their resources already being taxed to capacity elsewhere, the only real manpower the NPCD is able to spare on any sort of permanent basis is to guard the two most strategically important locations in the district: the subway station which links the Outzone with the rest of the city and the colossal blast doors which act as the main route out of the city.

Stores/Landmarks Located in the Outzone

  • Yo's Pawn Shop
  • Neocron Subway Station
  • Neocron City Gates
  • The Jailhouse Club
  • Various assorted industrial buildings (warehouses, power stations, etc.)

Adjacent District Sectors

  • Pepper Park, Sector Three
  • Wasteland Sector A-08 (from main exit)
  • Wasteland Sectors A-06, A-07, A-09 (additional, usually unsanctioned/illegal exits)