Portrayed by N/A
Played by N/A
Personal Information
Full Name Regant
Alias(es) N/A
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth The Wastelands
Date of Death 2611 (age unknown)
Significant Other Unknown
Parents Thor (father)
Children Unknown
Other Relatives Unknown
Additional Information
Faction Affiliation Neocron
Occupation Government leader

The third person to rise to the position of Neocron's leader, Regant was the son of Thor; the man who liberated the city from Crahn's forces.

While his father focused his efforts on being a military commander as well as a steadfast liberator and protector of the people, Regant had one vision in mind: to see Neocron become the largest, grandest and most technologically advanced city in the world.

With all of his knowledge coming from Caalron, Regant was a technologically savvy leader. One of the first things he did as Neocron's leader was to devise a method of shielding the city and its people from the radiation outside.

Rather than enclose everything inside a solid dome, he instead planned for Neocron to be shrouded beneath a barrier of magnetic energy. By doing this, the city would not be hindered by its own protection when the time came to expand.

However, like many pioneering technologies, his efforts were fraught with problems. Even when the barrier had been successfully erected, Regant found that his people - and himself - began to suffer from a strange disease; one whose origins stemmed from radiation exposure.

Believing his father's former ally held the answers, Regant sent word to Ceres. Ceres was himself working on a settlement for his own people. Dubbed the Dome of York, the city was just as large as Neocron and, due to his possession of the Ceres Holodisks, he was more easily able to advance himself.

Without them, Regant was forced to ask for a copy of the Holodisks from Ceres so that he could use the knowledge to save his people. On numerous occasions, Ceres refused his petitions. In his eyes, Neocron was a cursed place, forged by war and, as such, ripe for punishment from the God of the Blinding Light.

Bemused and later outraged by Ceres' refusal, Regant threatened to take the Holodisks by force, which sent the two cities into an arms race. Including the GenTanks and Warbots, Ceres also succeeded in recreating nuclear weaponry.

What was initially intended as a fast, brute-force strike against the Dome of York turned into the longest armed conflict the post-war world had ever seen. Between the petitions and the war itself, over twenty years had passed and, by the time he was publicly executed in the street, Ceres was eighty-five years of age.

Regant was the catalyst which allowed Neocron to ascend to the technological heights it has currently achieved and, while his efforts to elect a successor were thwarted shortly after his death in 2611 - a measure which started a Psi Monk regime lasting almost a hundred and forty years - his deeds have gone down in history as something approaching legend.