Some of the in-game icons for the psi modules

Taking the form of a meticulously crafted biometric data chip, the typical psi module is specifically designed to take advantage of the latent psychic power typically found in Psi Monks.

When plugged into the relevant slot on the gauntlet - located on the back of the wearer's palm - the collection of microapparatus inside allows the chip to enter an almost symbiotic bond with the Monk in question.

Acting almost like a drug would to a regular person's physiology, the psi modules amplify certain facets of a Monk's psychic power, allowing them to achieve feats with greater ease than they would normally.

While created - like the gauntlets - by the Fallen Angels, the modules were given honorific names by the Psi Monks themselves, allowing their feats to be elevated into the lore of their Brotherhood and give their eventual successors further proof of their glory. These include:

  • Holy Lightning - Psychic energy interferes with the ionic charge in the air, causing a colossal lightning strike.
  • Fire Apocalypse - Superheated oxygen atoms are agitated to such an extent that the illusion is created of flames appearing out of nowhere, consuming all they touch.
  • Pestilence - Precisely as the name suggests, it invokes the traits of one of the Horsemen from pre-war religious mythology, spreading virulent disease in the wake of a corrosive bolt of energy.
  • Sanctum of True Sight - Often referred to as simply True Sight, the module allows the Psi Monk to bestow unerring vision onto their allies. It is one of the only known ways of negating Quadruinium-based stealth technology.
  • Catharsis - Commissioned in the unlikely event that the Psi Monks would ever encounter traitorous apostates who had turned away from the Brotherhood, the Catharsis module allows a Monk to temporarily negate the psychic power of another Monk, rendering them useless.
  • Protection/Absorption - Both elements of the same principle, the Protection and Absorption modules employ the powerful minds of a Monk to form a protective barrier, shielding themselves or allies from harm. There are rumours of some Monks being powerful enough to use these barriers to stop bullets and even shots from energy weapons.