The signature tool of the Psi Monks is a rather curious device. Invented by the ancestors of the Fallen Angels before their escape from Neocron, the psi gauntlet is a technological aid used to help the Monks - novices and masters alike - focus their already considerable talents into a deadly weapon.

With the use of psychic power being a rather strenuous task, a device which allowed them to exercise their control over the mundane portion of the citizenry was a welcome one and, as such, it was one of the first research projects Crahn's followers commanded the scientists to pursue.

Being of modular design and subject to many updated iterations over the years, the typical psi gauntlet of the 28th Century can be partially disassembled in order to allow the Monk the freedom of wearing it on their dominant hand. However, the most prominent benefit of the gauntlet's design is the capability for Monks to use focusing modules, allowing them to amplify their power to devestating effect.