An amalgamation of both law enforcement and an almost frontier brand of judiciary, the Neocron Police Department - coloquially referred to as the NCPD - is the sole line of defence against the criminal elements of the city of Neocron.

Effectively the public face of the City Administration in lieu of Lioon Reza's public presence, officers of the NCPD are posted on the corners of most streets in the developed sectors of the city.

Equipped with their telltale suits of powered armour and high-powered plasma weaponry developed by Tangent Technologies, the NCPD is divided into two branches; one dealing with general law enforcement while the other is equipped for riot control and raids on dangerous locations, much like the SWAT teams of twenty-first century North America.

Despite the City Administration's official word on the matter saying that the NCPD are a purely organic law enforcement agency, the tireless manner with which the officers patrol the streets and the fact that each and every one of them are perpetually clad in their suits of powered armour give the impression that the NCPD are, in fact, an army of faceless machines.

Law Enforcement ("CopBots")Edit

Characterised by their white armour with black accents, the "CopBots", as they have been called by the public, are by far the most common sight on the streets of Neocron. Tasked with enforcing the letter of the law and protecting the innocent members of the citizenry, their hardline stance on illegality - administering a death penalty for many crimes - has garnered them a rather checkered reputation among the people.

Special Tactics and Operations/Riot Management Teams ("STORM Bots")Edit

Although the design of the STORM Bots' armour is virtually identical to that of their brethren, the STORM Bot armour sports advanced armour and shielding against energy weapons, allowing them to withstand immense punishment if required. Their plasma cannons are also heavily modified from the standard issue weapons, improving the firing rate, stopping power and the gun's overall efficiency.

As their acronym suggests, the STORM Bots are mostly deployed to quell rioting and rebellion as well as situations in which organised raids on criminal strongholds - such as the one which led to the death of former Black Dragon boss Nico Manecci - are necessary.