Neocron Exploration Technology (NEXT)
Wherever you want to go, go NEXT
Led by Craig Diggers
Notable People Violet Derix (systems admin)
HQ: Plaza, Sector Four

Founded amidst the Twilight Guardian's resistance movement in the year 2723, Neocron Exploration Technology - like many companies - started out small, building its first prototypes out of an old hangar. Because of the volatile political situation, NEXT fails to enjoy significant profits and, for a number of years, experience little more than a gradual downturn.

However, faithful that his investment could still pay off, CEO Craig Diggers develops what becomes his company's first real success. Dubbed the "Butterfly", the airborne vehicle borrows much in the way of inspiration from the hang gliders which were piloted as a hobby centuries earlier and, due to its relatively low costs, the single-seat vehicle appeals to many.

Following on from the Butterfly's success, NEXT then develops and releases two successors; the "Sky Cruiser" and the "Wing Glider" and, in 2732, Diggers sees his company finally doing more than simply breaking even.

Stemming from their success, Biotech approaches NEXT a year later with plans to broker a lucrative cooperation contract; one which Diggers quickly accepts. With one of the city's largest corporations now channelling funds their way, NEXT expands their range of vehicles to include things such as airborne ambulances and filling more gaps in the automotive market, such as luxury vehicles.

In 2736, NEXT makes its entrance onto the Stock-X market and, within the space of a single month, manages to quadruple its initial share price. Over a decade later, with the city gripped by news of the Great Trek, Diggers prepares to leave his life in Neocron behind.

After retreating from the contract with Biotech - which is instead given to Tangent Technologies - he sells both his real estate holdings and a sizeable quantity of his shares in the company before making his way to the space port to leave for Irata-3. In anticipation of his arrival, he stores the development plans for a series of prototypes as well as his fortune on the ship he was scheduled to board.

However, due to an engine malfunction - specifically a faulty manifold in the turbine of his glider - Diggers crash-lands and, in addition to losing both of his legs in the accident, is forced to come to terms with the last of the generation ships leaving without him.

After acquiring a set of cybernetic prosthetics from Biotech, Diggers spends the remainder of the year in hospital, recovering from his injuries and undergoing physiotherapy to learn how to use his new legs. Shortly after the city rings in the year 2750, Diggers reclaims his position at the helm of NEXT, where he intends to remain, either until his death or the reinstatement of the Irata-3 program, whichever arrives first.