Portrayed by N/A
Played by N/A
Personal Information
Full Name Mecando
Alias(es) N/A
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth The Wastelands
Date of Death 2557
Significant Other Unknown
Parents Unknown
Children Caalron
Other Relatives Unknown
Additional Information
Faction Affiliation Thor's tribe
Occupation Travelling historian/Scientist

Already an old man by the time he met Thor and Ceres, Mecando's knowledge of both the post-war continent and the fragments of history that were available wasn't surpassed by very many.

As well as accompanying Thor and his tribe on the expedition which led to the rediscovery of the Ceres Holodisks, he also came into his own as one of the first scientists of the new age, applying the theoretical knowledge contained within the holodisks and - in secret - creating the first working energy weapon, almost four centuries after pre-war scientists had tried and failed.

It was only on his deathbed that he revealed the existence of his project to Thor, who used it to liberate his captured people. In the years leading up to his death, he passed all of his knowledge onto his son, Caalron, who went on to become a mentor to Thor's son, Regant.