High-End Weapons Technology (HEW)
Subsidiary Of Tangent Technologies
Primarily Sells Plasma, particle beam, laser and fusion-based weaponry, remote drones

Commonly referred to by its acronym HEW, High-End Weapons Technology is the second subsidiary of Tangent Technologies. However, unlike Archer & Wesson, HEW doesn't bother to cater to the inexperienced public. While A&W is the place to go when the defence of one's home is the primary concern, HEW is the go-to company for those whose occupations demand only the best in offensive protection.

Selling every kind of firearm that doesn't use conventional bullets, HEW is where - provided they can afford it - the customer can own a much more lethal weapon of their own. While HEW's wares are far less accessible than those of their partner, it is the only company in Neocron that is legally allowed to stock and sell the likes of plasma rifles, fusion cannons and even remote attack drones.