Diamond Real Estate
It's where you live.
Led by Eric Danmund
Notable People Cecil Stone (systems admin)
HQ: Plaza, Sector Three

Established in the year 2746 in response to the sudden abundance of vacant housing left in the wake of the Great Trek, Diamond Real Estate was formerly the "Department for Real Estate Allocation"; the City Administration's original measure to ensure a fair and equitable system of distributing the available living space among Neocron's residents.

With many of the city's inhabitants choosing to buy their way onto the generation ships headed to Irata-3, the availability of the homes they left behind threatened to throw the entire housing market into utter chaos. By transferring the running of the department over to prolific businessman Eric Danmund and turning it into a private company, Lioon Reza was able to quickly bring order to the situation.

With homes now being available for purchase as opposed to simply being assigned through a glorified lottery, the people of Neocron ended up doing all of the work on the City Administration's behalf, ensuring that riots sprouting from potential disappointment were quelled before they even had a chance to be conceived.