Although they are mercenaries at heart, the City Mercs have upholded a variety of military-esque traditions since their inception and now, over a century and a half later, they have become an integral part of the group's very nature.

New MembersEdit

People who wish to join the City Mercs are rigorously tested from day one. Before they can even count themselves as part of a patrol in an observatory capacity, each new member is made to fight a minimum of three fully-fledged Mercs - of varying degrees of prowess - in a controlled environment. The only proviso for their acceptance is that they emerge as the victor at least once.


The new members who successfully manage to best one or more of their opponents in battle are considered Rookies, the equivalent of the rank of Private in the regular army. While they are still very low on the pecking order of the City Mercs, each rookie is mandated to accompany three City Merc patrols while they are given training back at the Military Base.

After their third patrol, the rookie's superior officer then offers them the opportunity to become a fully-fledged member of the City Mercs. Should they wish to do so, this is their last chance to back out with no negative repercussions.

White RibbonsEdit

The first of the "enlisted" ranks of the City Mercs is known as the White Ribbon. Like the rest of the ranks, White Ribbons are signified by the coloured ribbons worn around their left wrist as part of their battle gear. White Ribbons are taken under the wing of the higher-ranking Mercs, almost treated as their adopted sons or daughters as they are given further training.

Red RibbonsEdit

When a White Ribbon member is injured for the first time in battle and is still willing and able to serve in the City Mercs following their recovery, their ribbon is replaced with a red one. In addition to the promotion, the Red Ribbon is allowed to choose their own callsign; a nickname by which they are referred in favour of their real name, whether for purposes of camaraderie or anonymity.

Black RibbonsEdit

Rather than being used to remember the dead as one would possibly expect, the Black Ribbon is instead granted to the retired veterans who have retreated from active duty. Something of an emeritus rank, those who hold the Black Ribbon are known to have been formidable combatants and disciplined individuals. One example of a current Black Ribbon holder is the City Mercs' current leader, Tarok "The Eye" Cajun.