City Administration
For Reza, for Neocron, for the people.
Led by Lioon Reza
Notable People N/A
HQ: Plaza, Sector One

Established in the year 2724, following the downfall of Neocron's previous ruling regime - a group of renegade Psi Monks - the City Administration was the decisive measure taken to both bring order to a city ravaged by what was effectively civil war and to protect the innocent citizens from further assault.

Lioon Reza, who had been one half of the pair which led the revolutionaries in retaking the city, was left as the only logical choice for the city's first - and, to date, only - presidency after his counterpart Hagen Yager attempted to seize power for himself.

The two leaders, along with their loyal followers, fought a pitched battle in the city streets; a battle which Reza won. Having been effectively forced out of Neocron, Yager took what remained of his revolutionary force - the Twilight Guardian - and has been launching attacks against the assets of his former ally ever since.

Officially, the City Administration is a unified - yet fair and democratic - shell organisation of sorts under which the various sectors of society are guided. Although Lioon Reza is the person recognised as the President and overall leader of Neocron, the Administration acts as a council that shares the decision-making power, much like the Congress in 21st Century America.

As well as making decisions on new legislation, the Administration is tasked with the running of the city, dealing with things like sanitation, taxation and power supply. Enforcing these laws, however, falls under the domain of the NCPD; the Neocron Police Department.