Portrayed by N/A
Played by N/A
Personal Information
Full Name Ceres
Alias(es) N/A
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2505
Place of Birth The Wastelands
Date of Death 2585 (aged 80)
Significant Other Unknown
Parents Unknown
Children Unknown
Other Relatives Unknown
Additional Information
Faction Affiliation The Dome of York
Occupation Tribal leader

Formerly known as the ally who rendered assistance and shelter to Thor's decimated tribe following their original defeat to Crahn, Ceres was the leader of a relatively small tribe.

An overly cautious individual, Ceres objected to Thor's idea to send an expeditionary force to the place where he had adopted his name. Believing it to be the tomb of a legendary tribal warrior, it was Ceres' belief that there was nothing more to be found within.

It was only when Thor and Mecando returned from their expedition months later - now in possession of the Ceres Holodisks - that he realised his error. His cautious nature came into play once again decades later, however, when - after Mecando gave Thor the schematics of a prototype energy weapon - he advised against using the weapons to invade Crahn's fortress, Neocron.

Once again ignored by the man he had saved decades before, Ceres gradually spiralled into an erratic mentality. Breaking away from Thor, who had now assumed control of Neocron, Ceres travelled across the wastelands - taking the holodisks with him - and began to build a second city far to the north east.

This city, characterised by the solid dome which encased its inhabitants, was named the Dome of York. Without the holodisks, Thor was forced to use the Psi Monks which hadn't fled with Crahn to steal the information he needed.

Even when he was well into old age - and Thor had died and been replaced by his son, Regant - Ceres still refused to give Neocron a copy of the holodisks he saw as his, seeing their problems with a virulent radiation-based illness as a deific vengeance for Thor's past transgressions.

Outraged by his constant unwillingness to help, Regant forced the Dome of York into a bitter six-year conflict which led to the knowledge contained within the holodisks being spread to the public domain. Following his defeat, Ceres - now an eighty year old man - was dragged into the streets of his beloved domed city and publicly executed.