Archer & Wesson
Weapons and more since 2682
Subsidiary Of Tangent Technologies
Primarily Sells Melee weaponry, low-tech firearms and body armour

A name now synonymous with legally obtained, easy-to-use weaponry, Archer & Wesson's status as an official subsidiary of Tangent Technologies has been nearly seven decades in the making.

Like many businesses, Archer & Wesson started humbly; selling second-hand weapons out of a small, rented building in Sector Four of the Plaza. With the vast majority of the foot traffic in the district lying elsewhere, getting started in such a market - especially when people were inclined to obtain guns illegally - was tricky at best.

However, with the Wasteland as dangerous as it was and certain parts of the city not being much better, finding customers who needed their wares soon became easier. Once word of mouth informed the citizens of a less risky way to own a gun, business picked up and their profit margins flew through the roof.

Being the foremost manufacturers of guns in Neocron, Tangent Technologies saw the fledgling company as a way to get their products to their prospective consumer base more easily. In what was very much a win-win partnership, Archer & Wesson accepted Tangent's assistance. Nowadays, it's tougher to find a district of Neocron that doesn't have a branch of Archer & Wesson in it.